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Mix Coins! Mixer works without javascript!

Complete 3 simple steps to start mixing your bitcoins


Input destination address where bitcoins will be sended to

( Minimal amount 0.005 btc per address! )

Add another bitcoin wallet address


Input mixing code if you have it (you will get unique code after first mixing, more info in FAQ)


Set custom service fee. Use slider or type manually (from 0.5% to 3.99%)

For your security improvement you can set fee like 0.501% or 1.003%

First NO JS Bitcoin Mixer

  • MyBitmix provide bitcoin mixing without javascript
    Many people do not trust javascript!

    Therefore, we made a mixer that works without it. All functions work fine except the fee slider (it's need javascript).

  • MyBitmix provide bitcoin mixing without javascript

    So you can enter fee manually and enjoy mixing without any trackings!

  • MyBitmix provide bitcoin mixing without javascript

    All other questions you can read in faq or write to our tech support!

  • %
    Why should I set custom fee?

    If attacker knows the service fee, he can analyze blockchain to find exact sum transferred and discover your destination account.

  • %

    With our custom commission technology it becomes impossible.

  • %

    Out fee: Bitcoin: Start from 0.5% to 3.99% + miners fee 0.0007 per one extra output address.

Why choose us


  • No Sessions and Tracking
  • No Registration
  • Never Store any logs

Your coins will be never mixed with the coins of other customer.


  • Unique Mixing Scheme
  • Fully Anonymous

Protection against all known attacks


  • Just 4 Simple Step
  • Intuitive Interface

Instant transfers or custom delay! Choose your own way to mix!


  • Multistage Mixing
  • Instant Transfer
  • Minimum Commission

Mybitmix is fully automated bitcoin mixer. It works wonderful without human assistance!